Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Daylight War, Peter V. Brett

Publishers: Random House

Pages: 639

Main Characters:

Arlen, Ahmann, Leesha, Rojer

On the blackest night of the waning of the moon, Ni’s darkest servants rise from the depths of the Earth. The daemon Queen’s partner (the most powerful daemon that has lived for centuries) is tasked to find and eliminate the two humans who killed her precious- though weak Mind Daemons. The Alagai Ka (Daemon Prince) decides to attack the two human leaders at once; dividing his forces and making them reap revenge for their fallen comrades. However, the Prince underestimates the powers Arlen and Jardir have learnt about daemon magic and how willing they are to put up a fight.

Fan art of a Mind Daemon
Being possibly the most powerful and feared women in the whole of Thesa, Inevera feels pretty comfortable on her throne. However, it was not always so. Her life as a basket weaver’s daughter was hard and dirty and even when she gained access to the Dama’tings’ palace, Inevera still had to prove herself to the older girls there. Nevertheless, with hard work and determination she managed to force her will on the other Dama girls and eventually on her future husband Jardir. With The Deliverer by her side, Inevera knows she can lead her people to victory against the daemons and Chin alike.

This book really propelled the series for me. It was the step up I’ve been looking for and had me anxious and agitated to read on and find out what was going to happen next! I loved that Brett revealed Alagai Ka and his underlings. This is because it showed who the real enemy is in the series; not just the idiotic daemons we’d been introduced to in books one and two.

Moreover, I also enjoyed reading about Inevera’s past and her rise to the leadership of the Dama’ting. I especially liked this because Brett develops our understanding of Hora Magic and how it is used to help humans fight the daemons. I thought it gave credibility to aspects of the book such as Wards and Arlen’s tattoos. Brett did this by actually teaching the reader how Wards work in his universe whereas before, I felt like the reader just had to assume that they worked. This is because there was no real explanation to what Wards were in the previous novels, other than fancy symbols that people used to protect themselves from the daemons. For me, it made the novel much more accessible and in some ways believable because you could understand why Arlen and Jardir had become so powerful. In addition, the ending to this novel is truly epic and will make you want to start reading The Skull Throne as fast as you can!

This was a great book and would suggest it to anyone who loves a great fast paced novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, I would read The Painted Man and The Desert Spear first to get your bearings in this novel. I honestly haven’t read a book like this in a while that has made me this excited to want to read  the next novel in the series- I can’t wait to pick up The Skull Throne!

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