Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wish, C. H. Aalberry

Publishers: Smashwords

Pages: 270

Main Characters:

Dak, Aventur, Lae, Chee,

Wish tells the tale of a group of very unlikely heroes who all have one thing in common; they are all WishMonsters. A WishMonster is someone who owns a shard of the infamous and magical WishStone. The WishStone was accidently shattered 4,000 years ago by the world’s most famous adventurer Aventur, casting hundreds of shards all over the Seven C’s. Even the smallest shard of WishStone has enough magic in it to grant its owner any Wish.

One of these WishMonsters is Dak. With his wish, Dak wanted to become a great warrior. His wish is granted and Dak becomes a giant among men with thick, red, armour like skin and the ability to wield twin axes, both the size of a man! However, even though he has great power and fighting skills, Dak’s ugly and unusual appearance makes him a loner in the world of the Seven C’s. Throughout his journeys and adventures however, Dak hears of an ancient book that may have answers about why the WishStone made him look so grotesque. The book is in the famous city of Om and Dak sets out to find it. But, unfortunately for the troubled, red, giant, he is not the only person looking for the book!

Lae is also a WishMonster but unlike Dak, she looks like a normal human girl. Lae’s wish was spent on making her a powerful mage with the ability to read and digest books unlike anyone else in the Seven C’s. Lae has also heard of this mysterious book and sets out to Om to find it. However, when she gets there, she learns that Dak has already bought the book! To try and get her hands on it, Lae attempts to steal the book with her magic but is caught out by Dak!

After a few days arguing, Dak and Lae agree to become partners and seek out the answers of the book. They decide to go and see an old, dark and powerful wizard called Jazrak about the secrets of the book (as they both find it is too damaged to read). On their way to see the old man, the two companions come across another young WishMonster called Chee who has great powers with healing. Chee also wants to find out more about the WishStone and accompanies Dak and Lae on their journey.

When they finally arrive at Jazrak’s black tower, the companions are given a task by Jazrak to steal a shard of WishStone from the evil and powerful Necromancer that lives in dark and mysterious valley. In return for the shard, Jazrak agrees to give the companions a complete copy of the book they are desperate to read. However, the quest will be no walk in the park, as the companions have to answer riddles, cross-deserts and fight wild animals to get to the Necromancer’s lair. Will they have the strength to do it? Or will the answers in the ancient book be kept secret forever?

I think there is only one-way to describe this book; a fairy-tale with epic proportions! I thought it was great! I know that the novel may be aimed at an audience a little younger than me but I still thought the book was exciting to read. The novel was full of epic battles and fights, dangerous animals and a lot of humour that will appeal to readers both young and old! I also really liked the idea of the shards of WishStone, and how their power can be used to fulfil anyone’s wishes. Plus, there is also a great sub-plot about Aventur that mingles into the main plot/adventure of the novel, which is also great to read!

I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys fairy-tale/fantasy novels like The Hobbit, Harry Potter and The Colour of Magic. If you’d like to buy this novel it is available for eReaders at Smashwords.com and for Kindle at Amazon.co.uk.

For author’s official Smashwords bio click here.

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