Thursday, 29 March 2012

Battle Flag, Bernard Cornwell

Publishers: HarperCollins

Pages: 480

Main Characters:

Nate Starbuck


Battle Flag is the third novel in Bernard Cornwell’s epic Starbuck Chronicles. Following on from Copperhead, this book focuses on the battle of Richmond as the Confederate army is put on the defensive to defend their capital city. In amongst the defence of Richmond is the promising, if a little rag-tag, infantry Captain Nathanial Starbuck. After fighting his way through the first battles of the war and distinguishing himself as a brave and loyal soldier, Nate becomes noticed by quite a few of his superiors as a possible leader. However, Nate’s commander Washington Faulconer is jealous of Nate, as he is getting all the praise because of his superior leadership skills whereas Faulconer is not. To spite Nate and to stop his rise in the army, Faulconer again puts him into situations that makes Nate risk his life and his honour to further help the Confederate cause.  But Nate’s talents once again shine through as he returns to the second Battle of Bull Run.

Another brilliant book that only adds to this series. As usual the detail of the book is exceptional, really bringing the history to life and sticking to the historical facts as close as possible. I can’t wait to start the next book, The Bloody Ground! I would suggest this book to any fan of Bernard Cornwell, or of his work such as Sharpe because I always think of Nate as the American version of Sharpe! Also if you have an interest in the Civil War period you would love this book. For me I thought it was good because it tells the military side of the war. Whereas at university we only really learnt about the political side e.g. slavery and states’ rights. It was nice to finally get hold of what happened in the war and battles which Cornwell does perfectly.

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