Thursday, 29 March 2012

Copperhead, Bernard Cornwell

Publishers: HarperCollins

Pages: 490

Main Characters:
Nathanial ‘Nate’ Starbuck

This is the second book in Bernard Cornwell’s American Civil War series, the Starbuck Chronicles. Nate is a Copperhead, a Northerner fighting in the Confederate army. After the win at Balls Bluff and Seven Pines, Nate becomes a key member in the Legion and the Confederate army. However because of his Northern roots it isn’t long until Nate is accused of been a northern spy. Thrown into prison and cruelly tortured, Nate agrees to spy on the Northern army for the South and uncover who the real spy is. His espionage sees him come into contact with the high command of the Northern army, as well as reuniting him with his elder brother. Nate has to decide if his loyalties still lie with the South after the harsh treatment he received in a Southern jail, or whether his loyalties are with his family and the North.
This was another great book from Cornwell. As usual it was full of historical detail making the story seems so much more real and accurate. The character of Nate also starts to emerge as one of Cornwell’s trademark characters in this book. This is because he becomes a hero, even though his does not see himself as a hero and in many ways does not want to be one. This makes for great reading in this book as we get to see Nate’s struggles with leaving the Southern army and his friends for the North and whether he will ever return to them. I always love this side of Cornwell’s writing as you get to see the main character growing from a green boy into a leader of men. It might not always be easy for the character to get there, there may be deaths, love and betrayal but the journey is always brilliant to read and that is why I love Bernard Cornwell.
Great book, as I said in my review of Rebel I would suggest this book to anyone who is interested in the Civil War and anyone who is a fan of Cornwell’s Sharpe novels. Interesting fact that I didn’t realise is that Sharpe’s son Patrick Lassan is one of the characters in this series!
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