Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How To Be Good, Nick Hornby

Publishers: Penguin Books

Pages: 245 (Paperback 2001)

Main Characters:

Katie Carr, David Grant, DJ Goodnews,

How to be Good was a very funny book. Set around the character Katie Carr, a doctor, a mother of two and wife to David. It follows her through a sort of mid-life crisis that sees her having an affair. The resulting affair sees her husband David change from been a cynical, negative person to becoming a ‘do gooder’ with the help of his spiritual leader DJ Goodnews. The good deeds that David and Goodnews do see Katie’s children’s toys been given away, the whole street taking in a young homeless person and David writing a book titled ‘How to be Good’. The humour comes from the frustration Katie feels at the total change in her husband (even though she wanted a change) because of his new friend Goodnews.
This book was a good read. It was something different to what I normally read and it made a refreshing change. As I said above, it is very funny because you witness these events happen to a person that was so cynical and the local angry man. I would suggest this book to anyone who has read or is a fan of Mark Haddon and his book A Spot of bother. Like A Spot of Bother it follows a family as the patriarch goes through a mid-life crisis and it is also very funny.
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  1. Any more Hornby for you?

    My favorites, in this order:
    High Fidelity
    Juliet Naked

  2. No not yet but I really want to get into Hornby. Would you suggest High fidelity and Juliet Naked for someone whos just getting into Hornby?


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