Friday, 9 December 2011

To have a Kindle, or not to have a Kindle, that is the question.

With Christmas coming up and my Birthday (1st Feb) I’ve been debating whether or not to ask for a Kindle.  I can see the great advantages of having a kindle, I would save a lot of space, be able to actually put clothes in my wardrobe instead of books. Have access to a huge store of books and be able to pick one up anytime a feel like it. But then again I am aware of the downside to having a Kindle. I could no longer be able to buy cheap charity shop books, I’m not sure whether reading from a screen would hurt my eyes, and of course whether the battery would run out on me.
So what do you think? Do you have a Kindle or e-reader? Do you love it? Or do you hate it? Would it be good for someone like me who reads a lot of books or is it just a waste of money. Please I need your help! If you own a Kindle and love it, or just see them as a waste of money, leave me a comment underneath or click on my Facebook link at the top and leave one there. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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  1. Get one. They aren't any good for a lot of books - I am a scientist and anything with graphs and tables of data is useless on them - and you'll want the books you really love in three dimensional form. But the sheer speed with which you can get hold of a book you are interested in and the number of free classics you get make it very worthwhile.

    The screen is very easy to read and the battery life for me - using it daily - is well over a week.

    You can also stick your own notes on it and listen to them using the text to speech feature, which I think would be a great way of revising.

  2. Thanks for the advice, the only part I was worried about was whether the screen would hurt my eyes, but you and a few others have said the screen is just like reading from paper.

    Thanks again for the comment, I think i'm going to ask for one for my birthday :)


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