Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Lord Of The Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien

Publishers: HarperCollins

Pages: 1000 (depends on edition)

Main Characters:
Frodo, Aragon, Gandalf, Sam, Gimli, Legolas

As I’ve said in many of my other reviews of books that have been adapted into films, I am always a fan of watching the film first and then reading the book. I prefer to do it in that order because I think that it helps me get an idea of what the characters look and sound like. As many of you will know, the three films by Peter Jackson are absolutely brilliant and for a long time I put off reading this book because I thought the films couldn’t be bested…. How wrong I was!!!
This book was epic in pretty much every aspect. The edition I read was all three of the books in one and has by far been the biggest book I’ve ever read. A lot of Tolkien’s language in the book was at first hard to grasp as it is written in the olde Englishe type of way. However when you first get over these initial problems that story is fantastic. It has so much more than any of the films and totally puts meat on the bones of the films and destroyed my prejudice that the films could not be beat. This is because of the extra aspects of the story which the films couldn’t make, such as the story of Tom Bombadil and the fight for the Shire at the end of the book.
I would still say the films are brilliant and if you haven’t seen them, get down to your nearest DVD shop and buy them! But the books are so much better, if you are a fan if the films you have to read the books, so you need to get down to your nearest book shop and buy them!
A great book, great series and great films, I love Lord of the Rings, I would suggest this book to any fans of the films or any fans of the Hobbit, but I would warn you that the language can be hard to understand at first. Nevertheless, read this book!
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  1. For some reason I connected a lot more with the films ... Though all my attempts to read LOTR were when I was very young so I'll deffo keep trying because the films are my absolute faves!

    1. I was the same! I first tried reading it when I was about 11 (because the first film came out) and gave up after the first 20 pages because the language was so complex! But I decided about a year ago that I would try reading it again and I absolutely loved it!

      I am a massive fan of the films but the book is also brilliant and well worth a read, just to see how Tolkien originally wrote it.

  2. I have to admit that i sometimes get bored to read the whole thing but i think you can add some value. Bravo ! take a look at the site here


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