Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Slam, Nick Hornby

Publishers: Penguin Books

Pages: 293

Main Characters:
Sam, Alicia, TH (Tony Hawkes)

This was possibly one of the weirdest books I have ever read, with talking posters of Tony Hawkes, time travel and the ramblings of a sixteen year old boy it was also probably one of the most interesting books I’ve read.
The story follows the life of Sam, a sixteen year old Skater (not the ice type the board type). Sam’s life seems to be going good, he is doing well at school, his parents have finally started to talk again after their messy divorce and Sam is learning new tricks on his skateboard. However Sam's life is turned upside down after he meets Alicia, after a world wind romance of a couple of weeks Sam finds out that Alicia is pregnant with his child. With this problem Sam turns to the only person who really listens to him, his poster of Skateboarding legend Tony Hawkes (TH).  TH then whizzes Sam forward in time to points after his child Roof is born to try and teach Sam that his future is not going to be as bad as it would seem for a sixteen year old father.
I thought this book was brilliant, and the only way to describe it is as the Guardian reviewer says, it is ‘touching’. Hornby does an excellent job of portraying the thoughts going through the mind of a sixteen year old boy who is going to become a father. And he does it in a way that is so believable! At times I thought Sam was been very childish and immature, but of course he is, because he’s only sixteen, Hornby makes it feel like the book was written by a sixteen year old and not him. The book is also extremely funny, especially the character Sam. Again Hornby gets the right balance of immatureness, nervousness and humour in Sam to make him feel like he is a real sixteen year old kid.
Like I said this was a weird but interesting book. I would suggest it to anyone who is into Nick Hornby, or anyone who enjoys a book that is a bit different. It was different for me since I usually read historical novels, but I found it brilliant.
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