Saturday, 4 February 2012

Emperor the Death of Kings, Conn Iggulden

Publishers: HarperCollins

Pages: 658 (Paperback 2004)

Main Characters:
Julius, Brutus

Death of Kings is the second book in Conn Iggulden’s Emperor Series. It follow Julius and Brutus after the fall of Rome to Sulla, as Julius is forced into exile after been banish from the city and Brutus is fighting an uprising in Greece. Julius’ fate sees him join a naval legion as he scours the Mediterranean looking for Pirates. After fighting, been caught and escaping the pirates, Julius finds himself in Greece fighting an uprising by King Mithridates, eventually beating the King and finally returning to Rome in a hail of glory.
Meanwhile after his two year term has ended in the legions, Brutus returns to Rome with the ambition of finally finding out who his mother is and why she abandoned him as a child. The meeting with his mother shocks Brutus as he finds how much power she has over the Senators of Rome. With his mother’s help, Brutus convinces the Senate to reform the Primigenia legion, disgraced after Sulla attacked the city of Rome, but a source of power to help Julius when he finally returns.
This was another great book, like the first it was full of action, battles, murder and conspiracy. It is also very exciting because during this book Spartacus’ rebellion happens and Iggulden portrays it brilliantly, describing the feelings of the slaves and the events of the battle with so much detail and feeling. The ending is also brilliant as it sees Julius and Brutus shipped off to Spain and Gaul by the jealous and slightly scared Pompey. This gives a great ending to the book because history tells us the Caesar really made his name as a general in his conquest of Gaul, so I can’t wait to read the next book!
Another great book, I would again suggest it to anyone who has read the Marco and Cato books by Simon Scarrow, or to anyone who has an interest in Caesar or Ancient Rome.
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