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Emperor the Field of Swords, Conn Iggulden

Publishers: HarperCollins

Pages: 632 (Paperback 2005)

Main Characters:

Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus 

Field of Swords is the third book in Conn Iggulden’s amazing Emperor Series. Field of Swords follows Julius and Marcus to Spain where Julius takes up his position of governor in the Roman province. Julius finds himself lacking in Spain, feeling that his talent and ability is been wasted in the back water of the Empire. After uncovering gold in the Spanish mountains, Julius decides to return to Rome to further his ambitions and run for Consulship. After a successful campaign and support from two of Rome’s most influential Senators, Julius reaches the post of Consul. After cleaning up the gangs in Rome’s alleys, Julius turns his attention to finding military glory for himself by invading Gaul and carving a new province for Rome.
Meanwhile Brutus is still Julius’ loyal sword. After winning a sword tournament in Rome, Brutus starts to see the corruption behind the Senators in the capital. With Julius turning a blind eye to the corruption of the politicians and the romance between Julius and Servilia (Brutus’ mother!) Brutus becomes more resentful towards his friend.  This is not helped with the apparent war mongering Caesar has in Gaul and Britain, when his legionaries and his friend are at the ends of their endurance.
This was great book, it was jam packed full of events, from Julius’ time in Spain, his campaign to become Consul and his military exploits in Gaul. There is also Brutus’ story line that develops in this book as he starts to see Julius as not the friend he remembers from childhood but the cold General he has become. Iggulden also covers other minor stories such as the leader of the Gaelic resistance Vercingetorix. I really enjoyed Iggulden’s style of writing in this book. I really like how in different paragraphs he is able to switch between characters so easily making the book so much more detailed and exciting to read, as you know how all the characters are reacting to the same event.
Like I said this was a really good book and so far has possibly been my favourite of the series. Like I said in my other reviews I would suggest this book to anyone who has read any of Simon Scarrow’s Marco and Cato books or anyone who is just into Caesar and Ancient Rome.
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