Sunday, 19 February 2012

I Love My New Kobo Touch!

My Kobo :)
I wrote a post a few months ago on the matter of Amazon Kindles and other e-readers and whether anyone had any suggestions if I should get one. In the end, after some good advice I did indeed ask for an e-reader for my birthday. However instead of an Amazon Kindle I asked for a Kobo Touch.
I decided to ask for a Kobo because I thought they were so much better than the standard Kindle. After playing on my Grandma’s Kindle which she got for Christmas, I decided they weren’t for me. Firstly I thought it was too hard to use, having to use a D-pad to type in your searches. I also found trying to access the store and downloading a bit of a pain. I decided that the Kindle was not what I wanted, but I knew I wanted an e-reader because I was running out of space for all of my books and wanted to have my library all in one place.
I decided to do some more research into e-readers and came across the Kobo Touch. It has a full 6” touch screen which reads like real paper and has no glare. The Kobo can store up to 1000 books on its hard-drive with the option to hold 3500 more on an SD card. It has the ability to link to Facebook and has an in-built internet explorer. You are even able to subscribe to newspapers and magazines! But the best thing for me is that Kobo’s eBook system has 2.2 million books and over 1 million free eBooks (having a wider selection than Amazon’s 900,000). I also think that it is much better value for money as the standard Kindle cost £89 and the Kobo Touch with all its extras only cost £99. So as you may have guessed, I asked for a Kobo for my birthday.
Other Kobo Touch Colours
And I’m glad I did! It is so light weight making it much easier to read and carry around. The screen is brilliant. You have the ability to customise the text the way you want it, with font size and line spacing. I was always worried that reading from an e-reader would hurt my eyes but the Kobo’s screen is perfect! It is so easy to use. Having a touch screen makes searching and downloading so much simpler, been able to choose what you want at the touch of a button and flicking though a novel just like you would a normal book. There are also little perks such as the Kobo awards where you get an award for completing a book or reading at a certain time of day, which you can then post to Facebook.
(As you can tell) I am extremely pleased with my Kobo Touch and I think anyone considering buying an Amazon Kindle should check out a Kobo first. But tell me what you think, do you have a Kobo or a Kindle? Do you love them or hate them? Or are you just a traditionalist and prefer paper to electronic? Drop me a comment and let me know.
For Link to Kobo's website click here


  1. I'm planning to buy this! The best thing that I love about it is that you can borrow books from Canadian libraries, unlike the Kindle. After reading your post, now I'm sure of my decision.

    1. I'm glad I could help alexandreshark. That's pretty cool you can borrow books through it. I'll have to check you to see if I can do the same for British libraries. Thanks for pointing that out ;)
      I hope you enjoy your new Kobo!

  2. Hi great review of the kobo. I have just bought the kobo glo. I have so many books in my wardrobe and found half of a series I was reading were missing. I thought if I had an ereader I would never have that problem. I looked at a few kindles and nearly bought the paperwhite. Then I had a go of a friend's glo. I fell in love with it. It's perfect in every way. I'm even going to borrow some ebooks from my library. Try doing that on a kindle. Most kindle owners annoy me. Lol! They think its the best without even trying the kobo. A friend had her amazon account frozen by accident. When she came to read her books on her kindle she found she could no longer access any of them. Amazon told her even though she bought the books they did not belong to her. She bought a kobo the next day.

    1. Thanks Tracey, I'm glad you enjoyed my review :)

      Yeah I'm the same, most Kindle owners don't even realise there are other ebook brands out there. One of my friends wanted to upgrade her old Kindle to the Kindle Touch and I suggested the Kobo to her (which is better than the Kindle Touch I think ;)) but she wasn't interested and bought the Kindle anyway, even though it was more expensive!

      But each to there own. The only benefit of a Kindle is that you get easier access to indie authors as Amazon is a great platform to get published on. But for just everyday books I'd still pick the Kobo ;)


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