Saturday, 25 August 2012

Wolf of the Plains, Conn Iggulden

Publishers: HarperCollins

Pages: 449

Main Characters:

Temujin, Bekter, Khasar, Kachiun

Wolf of the Plains is the first book in Conn Iggulden's epic Conqueror series based around the life and legend of Genghis Khan. I have to say that I read this book a few years ago so this review will only be a short overview. What I will say is that I remember loving this book as it was my first introduction to Conn Iggulden’s work and it propelled me into both his Conqueror series and his Emperor series (both of which are excellent!).

The first book in this series tells us the tale of Genghis’s (Temujin’s) childhood. It starts off with Temujin and his family at the top of their tribe’s hierarchy, after all their father Yesugei is the Khan. Life is good for Temujin; he has the freedom to do what he likes. The only worry he has is his elder brother Bekter and the rivalry they both have over who will be Khan next. However this life is destroyed when their father Yesugei is attacked on his route home from a neighbouring tribe. After his death, Temujin, his brothers and his mother are thrown out of the tribe as power is usurped by Yesuegi’s bodyguard Eeluk.

Temujin must look after his exiled family whilst removing his greedy brother Bekter and avoid the men sent to kill his family by Eeluk. With pure dertermination and grit, Temujin must gain vengeance for his family and retake the throne that is rightly his. He must unite all of the tribes on the Plains to see his plans come to fruition and create the Mongol nation and attack his true enemies the Chin. But will he be able to do it?

I would suggest this book to anyone who is a fan of Conn Iggulden’s other books such as his Emperor series or to anyone who has an interest in the Mongols and the legend of Genghis Khan.

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