Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Centurion, Simon Scarrow

Publishers: Headline

Pages: 533

Main Characters:

Marco, Cato

Centurion picks up after Eagle in the Sand and sees our two heroes posted on the Eastern frontier of the Empire. After training their troops to the standard expected in the Roman Legions. Marco and Cato must now focus their attention on the huge Parthian army massing on the borders of Palmyra. Palmyra itself is at risk of revolting and as a measure to stop this happening, Rome sends in troops to protect the royal household of Palmyra. Seeing this as an aggressive manoeuvre, the Parthians invade. Marco and Cato must fight their way through a lengthy siege and a gruesome pitched battle to push back the Parthian hordes and protect Rome’s dominance in the East.

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