Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Gladiator, Simon Scarrow

Publishers: Headline

Pages: 366

Main Characters:

Marco, Cato

After a successful campaign in Palmyra and finally pushing back the invading Parthian armies.  Marco and Cato have finally earned the right to return to Rome and seek a more lucrative position in the Roman Army. However sailing off the coast of Southern Crete, their small transport is caught in the middle of a devastating earthquake. Limping into the harbour on the island of Crete, they find that the earthquake has destroyed whole cities and towns. In the chaos that follows, a slave uprising emerges with the gladiator and ex-pirate Ajax (from The Eagles Prophecy) surfacing as its leader. As the rebellion picks up momentum and more slaves and equipment become available, the rebels soon defeat the island’s garrison forces. It soon falls to Marco and Cato to rally the troops in the province and quash the rebels. But will they succeed or will the rebellion and Ajax be to powerful?

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