Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Eagle And The Wolves, Simon Scarrow

Publishers: Headline

Pages: 430

Main Characters:

Marco Cato

After a year of occupation the relations between the Romans and the British tribes becomes tense. Even the tribes that have sworn fealty to the Romans are becoming hostile, removing their old pro-Roman rulers and replacing them with young anti-Roman ones.

Marco and Cato, now veterans in the conflict between Rome and Britain are charged with training the troops of ones of these old and peaceful tribal leaders. The rabble that turns up for training would never become Legionaries but it is the only force that will keep Rome’s ally protected from its anti-Roman subjects. Marco and Cato must craft these warriors into the well-disciplined fighting machine that is a Roman Century.

Meanwhile the Liberators and other groups are plotting against the Emperor and the armies in Britain. Marco and Cato must keep their eyes on the Emperor’s enemies to make sure that they and their comrades serving under the Eagles are not all destroyed because of the games politicians play.

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