Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Eagle's Prophecy, Simon Scarrow

Publishers: Headline

Pages: 499

Main Characters:

Marco, Cato

The sixth book in the Eagle series sees Marco and Cato in Rome awaiting a military tribunal concerning the death of an officer in the battle with Caratacus at the end of the last book. Meanwhile a dispatch carrying important Imperial scrolls across the Mediterranean is intercepted and stolen by a group a vicious pirates.  The Imperial Secretary Narcissus needs to get these scrolls back quickly and secretly, the Emperor’s enemies must not find out they have been stolen.

But who could he ask? Who would be loyal enough to retrieve the scrolls and not tell anyone about them? Narcissus decides to send Marco and Cato after the scrolls and then blackmail them with the result of their military tribunal to buy their secrecy.  At first the pair are happy to go on Narcissus’ errand, it gets them out of the cesspit that is Rome. However this changes when they find out their superior officer for finding the scrolls will be Vitellius, their arch-enemy.
We see the pair in a new surrounding as they go off in search of the pirates, looking all over the Mediterranean in their search. But will they find the pirates in time and stop them revealing the scrolls to the Emperor’s enemies?

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